Day 77 – Gatlinburg, TN – That’s a cool waterslide

Day 77 – February 3, 2012 – Gatlinburg, TN – Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Twitter 


Mickey wasn’t feeling up to skiing in Tennessee but LostAtSki had to make an appearance so I headed out to Gatlinburg. Of all the resorts we had visited across the country Ober was on its last leg and close to being closed. The slopes were in really bad shape, no fault to the resort but the weather for the past month had given them no natural snow and very few snow making opportunities.






I skied the 2 slopes that were available and spent some time in the really cool mall area right next to the slopes. They have a giant indoor ice skating rink and numerous touristy shops.


Only one more state to go. My home state of North Carolina.

Matt – Iv’e had enough mud for my entire skiing life 

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