Day 67 – Mohawk Mountain, Creator of the Snow Gun

Day 67 – January 26, 2012 – Mohawk Mountain, CT – Website   |   Facebook Page   |  Twitter


Mohawk Mountain known famously for its efforts creating artificial snow and the first snow gun. We made a half day stop here because the weather was incredibly warm (50 degrees). We took a bunch of pictures. The coolest feature was the covered bridge over a creek to the lodge. People in the south drive all over the place to see these things.

Mohawk - Fans Lined Up

Mohawk - Covered Bridge

Mohawk - PAN

Mohawk - Tree Mohawk - Sign Mohawk-Matt-w-Icelandics

Mohawk-Map Mohawk-side-of-lodge Mohawk - Lake and Lift

Mohawk - Lift at Base

Matt – The snow guns needed Instagram treatment

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